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Mr. Jan Veselý, graduated from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Studies of the Charles University in Prague. With several years of conference interpreter experience, he established his own business in 1989, building on personal relations with other colleagues, top conference interpreters in other languages. Veselý-Translating is an agency set up of professional interpreters and translators who understand their business, not of clerical staff with no language skills. The advantage, one which other competitors, old and new ones, never had, soon translated into a higher level of competence and flexibility.





is an interpreting and translation office in the first place. It was among the first private interpreting and translation agencies in the country and the first such business in Ostrava in the early 1990.


Being a translator or interpreter brings a number of challenging business and personal contacts at home and abroad. Veselý-Translating has been using them to develop secondary business activities. For example, working with MüllerSOHN, Germany, evolved into setting up Müllersohn’s representations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1992 and in Austria in 1996. Trading with and selling photolab equipment from Müllersohn and other manufacturers became an integral part of Veselý-Translating’s business for a long time.


Continuing relations with loyal customers oftentimes develop from ”mere” interpreting or translating into a broader business cooperation or even involvement in co-managing their local subsidiaries in the Czech Republic. Some ventures of this kind were temporary, others carry on. Some of the long-term partners are the Swiss-based KARDEX, one of Europe’s largest holdings in the automatic storage equipment industry, and PHOENIX Pharmahandel, the German giant of Europe’s pharmaceuticals market.


Another highlight for Veselý-Translating was the involvement in launching the Czech version of the EUROSPORT channel. Veselý-Translating’s interpreters started by providing simultaneous interpreting of the original sound and soon proceeded to develop own commentator skills and to create the original Czech version of this favourite satellite channel. As the channel was becoming increasingly popular, Kabel Plus decided to move its operations from Ostrava to Prague taking the well-in-the-groove Czech Eurosport and several other cable programs along and ending one of the valuable and unique experiences for Veselý-Translating.


Veselý-Translating has been using the combination of contacts to Austria’s travel industry with the knowledge of the Austrian life and culture derived from its translation and interpreting business to offer holidays in Austria based on individual planning and incentive travel.


In autumn 2008 City of Ostrava Cultural Centre has launched an interesting project of transmitting live performances from New York Metropolitan Opera in HD. Since begging of this project Veselý-Translating is involved with subtitles control and simultaneous translation of live interviews from the MET backstage.



Veselý-Translating wants to be a competent and reliable partner for you, too.







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